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"Thanks so much for the job you did for Oasis Church. The carpet looks so
much better and your service is excellent!"
Phyllis Purl  Evansville
"Rhino...cleaned my furnace ducts. The job was done efficiently and cleanly. I would recommend them to anyone."
F.W. (Mac) McComas
Grayville IL
" Clean carpets and air ducts help me know I am doing everything I can to protect my family from allergies. You did a wonderful job, and were very professional and knowledgable."
Kim Simon Evansville
"We have a daycare that gives our carpet a real workout. Rhino Carpet Cleaning without a doubt has done the best and most thorough job. I would recommend Rhino to anyone and everyone."
Pastor Mike Pfohl
Destiny of Faith Community Church

Do You Want Carpets That Are Really Clean?

Would you like them to be dry in just a few hours?

Say goodbye to embarrassing spots and dirty traffic lanes when you put RHINO to work for you. Rhino gets your carpets the cleanest they can be and we put you back on your carpets FAST!

Our advanced technology cleaning system means you get the best of 'steam carpet cleaning' without the worries of overwetting, or the inconvenience of waiting days for your carpet to dry!

Give us a call to find out what hundreds of our customers in Evansville and Newburgh found out this year.... when you want the best in carpet cleaning, call Rhino!                                                  (812)204-3218





1 STORY HOME $199   Up to 5 Rooms    

2 STORY HOME  $299   Up to 8 Rooms + Stairs


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Why Fast Drying "steam cleaning" is important to YOU

In the steam cleaning process, soil is dissolved and simultaneously removed with a powerful vacuum. When too much moisture is left behind, it can take a day or more for your carpet to dry. More importantly, the more moisture left behind means that alot of liquified soil has been left behind as well. OUR CARPET CLEANING SYSTEM has been specifically engineered to remove the most soil possible, which also leaves your carpets dryer. This means you get the deepest, most thorough cleaning possible - and it is dry in just a few hours!


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Carpet Cleaning Features

  • High Temperature Deep Cleaning - Thoroughly removes imbedded soils.
  • Fast-Drying Technology—Carpets Dry in Just a Few Hours!
  • Residue Free Neutralizing Rinse - We rinse all cleaning solutions from your carpets, leaving them soft, fresh, clean, and chemical free.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee - Because we care how you feel about our service!

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  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning & Sealing
  • Upholstery & Mattress Cleaning
  • VCT Strip & Wax 


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